3GPP3 What to do in case of earthquake
What to do in case of earthquake.  

The fear and panic that people feel after or during earthquakes make them do dangerous things,  such as running, using elevators,  shouting or going to shock.  That is why,  it is very important to know what to do during and after an earthquake.  There have been many catastrophic earthquakes throughout human history.  As a result,  governments and different organizations in countries around the world have established actions to prevent disasters (especially deaths)  during and after earthquakes. The most common activities to help people prepare for earthquakes are earthquake drills at schools,  office buildings and any other places where people can suffer the effects of earthquakes.  Follow these steps if you are indoors during an earthquake: stay calm, get under and hold onto a desk or table,  or stand again
st an interior wall.  Stay away from exterior walls,  glass,  heavy furniture,  fireplaces and appliances.  You should especially stay away from your kitchen since it is a particularly dangerous place.  If you are in an office building or at school,  stay away from windows and outside walls.  Do not use the elevator,  do not panic and do not rush to the exit. Follow these steps if you are outside during an earthquake:  stay away from buildings,  power lines or anything else that could fall on you.  If you are in a car,  stop and do not park under or on bridges or overpasses,  stay away from trees,  light posts,  signs and power lines.
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