3Gpp5 American Football - Tennis


American Football

The big and tall American football player looks a little angry at the rugby player. His shoulders are very wide and his armas look very strong, so the other players smile a little nervously. He is the tallest one there.  “Well, if you want something classical, listen to Beethoven. Only someone who does not understand American football would say it is nos challenging like somebody at this table… OK, OK, I shouldn’t  have said that.   My kind of football is very challenging. How many people can run and push, chatch a ball, jump, tackle another player and get up while wearing equipment  that weighs almost 10 kilos?    This means, of course, that we protect ourselves, but it also means that we have to be very strong.   Furthermore, we have to be very agile, very quick, amazingly resistant and have a very goog sense of  balance.   To be well prepared for a game, we have to exercise a lot. This makes our muscles stronger and bigger.   We football players usually have no heart problems and our circulatory and respiratory systems are usually very good.   Oh, yeah!   And it is not true that we all have to be very big.   Some positions definitely need big guys, but there are others where this is not necessary.   The quarterback, for example, is usually kind of slim.   So if you want to have fun and be strong, play American football!”


The tennis player stands up.   “Fortunately, not all sports require its players to act like savages.  OK, OK,  I shouldn’t  have said that.   There ares sports where you can be strong, fast and agile and look elegant, just like a cat!   Please, don’t make those faces.   In tennis, we wear simple but stylish clothes.   Our movements are not rough and can even be considered artistic.   Yes, it is a traditional sport as people have been playing tennis since the 16th century and the English king, Henry VIII, was a big fan of this sport.  It is interesting that such a traditional sport requires so little equipment: just a tennis racquet and tennis balls.    Because we have to run non-stop for long intervals of time with periods of rest, we burn a lot of calories.   This kind of activity is very beneficial for the heart and makes your muscles work at their best.    Tennis also exercises many muscles groups at the same time, which helps to keep the body fit.   This also improves balance.   We don’t fall down easily, even though we have to run a lot and jump.   And because the matches usually just involve a player and a contender, or two players and two contenders, tennis players are very good at eye-hand coordination.   Isn’t obvious that it’s the best sport?”

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