3Gpp4 Why is it important to study science at school?


Why is it important to study science at school?

Science can be a fascinating subject at school, because studying Science helps us to learn and discover amazing facts. In other words, Science is essential to understanding the world around us.  Chemistry will help you understand why chemical elements react in a specific manner; Physics will help you understand how a lightbulb functions or how electricity works; Biology will help you understand the structure and function of living things.  Besides that,  Science helps you to develop critical thinking (which helps you to understand and learn many other things).  While doing experiments in the school lab, you should behave as a real scientist.  First, you have to ask a question; for example "How can something be done?  “What will happen if..?" "When will something happen?”  and so on.  Then you have to have a hypothesis this is your conjecture of what will happen in your experiment.  After that, you have  to do an experiment and see if your hypothesis is correct or not.  Finally you have to come up with a conclusion.  You have to explain what happened and why it happened.

The school laboratory is not the only place where you can study and learn Science.  There are many other places such as museums.  theme parks or living museums such as zoos,  aquariums or botanic gardens.  Nowadays,  there are some virtual museums;  that is to say,  you can visit a museum on the Internet.  There are also many scientific magazines in which you can find important and interesting information about Science.  Another enjoyable way to study and learn Science is by attending Science Fairs.  These fairs are specially organized to invite students to participate with their experiments.  Participants have to state a hypothesis and then verify it by doing an experiment.  The experiments in a Science Fair can be very simple or quite complex, depending on the level, age, and interests of participants.  Remember that Science can be really fun and can help us to understand everything around us.

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