3Gpp10 It is just another step.

It’s Just Another Step. Our Path goes on.

I have been at Emma Secondary School for three years. I am pleased to say that during these years I have created new friends and lived many exciting experiences. As a new student in third grade, my classmates and teachers made me feel as if I was among my family.
            From class time discussions to struggling when organizing activities, we have enjoyed every single day within this community. Days filled with joy, laughter, and even sometimes sorrows have been our foundation to move to our next step. Our teachers have completed their mission and successfully prepared us for preparatory school. Thanks to all of our teachers, for providing us with myriad opportunities for growth during our time here as students.
            Our future experiences will be influenced from the exciting and moving moments that we cherish from the elementary years. Although we cannot go back to relive the moments we have spent together, we will remember them forever.
            During the upcoming years we will encounter difficult tasks but those will only make us stronger. We have to look forward to this new beginning. We must work hard, enjoy and above all, we must always stand together and united as we are today.   The change we will face is not an easy one. As every other class before us we have been the oldest and the role-models for the little ones. Now, we will enter a new stage in which we will be the youngest and the new kids on the block. As we live new experiences, we must be prepared to win or lose. As long as we make the best of it, we will not regret it when looked back.
            We have waited for this moment all our lives, the moment when we leave our childhood behind and step into the world to forge our own paths in life, and finally, that moment has arrived. I find myself not a little sad, for I will be leaving behind people that shaped my life and a place that is as much a part of my identity,

Today we close a chapter of our school life. Tomorrow we begin writing another. Let us make that writing on our new chapter an interesting one. Thank you for being part of this class and let’s enjoy our future together.
            Thank you teachers, for all that you have taught me, lessons that extended well beyond the four walls of a classroom. Thank you, all my classmates, for three wonderful years, for all the fun, the hysterical laughter and the valuable lessons we learned. Although we may be separated by time and distance in the interim, nothing will diminish the important role that you have and always will play in our lives.

            I wish you happy adventures, fantastic new friendships, amazing experiences and the journey of a lifetime.Richard Bach says, "Can miles truly separate you from friends? If you want to be with someone you love ... aren't you already there?"
And so it is ... and always will be with you as we carry you always close to our hearts.

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